Casa Correy; the best place on Grand Cayman.

I think there comes a point in every extended holiday where you are reminded just how much you miss the small comforts of home. You start to remember just how good a hot shower is, how good it is to curl up in a decent bed, how good it is to flop on the couch and watch tv.

For me, that point came in Cayman Island, when we walked through the doors of the home of the Suzanne and James Correy. Tired and a bit worn down from Cuba, we whispered together as they let us settle into the guest room.

This is the best bed in the world.” “We can actually flush the toilet paper down the loo.” “We don’t have to share a bathroom.” “Can we stay here forever?”

I could rave on about the stunning beaches, the snorkelling and the kayaking tours we enjoyed while we were on the island. But for me the best thing about the island was Suzanne, James, Jack and their home. After so many months of travelling it was an unexpected treat to be invited to stay, and to have such hospitality shown to us.

It was wonderful to be able to sleep past 10 without worrying about checkout times, to be able to lie motionless in front of a tv for a few hours, to be able to eat home-cooked dinners, to play with two-year-olds, to be able to chat to mates over a glass of really good wine. Really good wine and I now lay my growing taste for red wine squarely at James’ feet. He does not realise the damage that may come from this….

And there was an added bonus: they had a poodle. A small black poodle called Astro to be more exact. Those that know me well will understand why I lost the plot over this dog. I don’t think her little feet touched the ground in the five days we were there. I even convinced her to sleep on the bed with me one night – though I’m not sure A was too happy about that. He usually has to fight me for space, that night he was fighting me and Astro for space (for a small dog she sure does know how to spread out).

A in the meantime was the real hit with Jack. After meeting us for all of a day, Jack was cuddling A and asking if he could have a shower with him. We left it to James to explain why that probably wasn’t appropriate.

It was a bit of resignation that we went back to our travels and back to the world of lumpy pillows and lukewarm showers. Not that I’m expecting a resounding chorus of sympathy from the masses, but it was damn hard to get back into the travelling mindset after those five days with the Correys.

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