I *heart* London

There was a time when I thought I would always live in London. Grey skies and grey streets aside, there is just something about the place. It has an undeniable buzz, an atmosphere that I fell in love with instantly. I’m still in love with it, if I’m honest.

For me, going back to London is like hanging out with an old friend. The ones who you don’t see for years and then when you do, it was like you saw them five minutes ago. They may have changed their hairstyle, but essentially they are still your bestest friend who knows all your secrets and dreams. Camden markets, Spitalfields, Tate Modern, Covent Garden, Primrose Hill, Southbank…my old friends. It was good to see them.

Even better is the fact that I actually do have real life friends in London. And a cousin. Bonus. And in my five days in London I was on a mission to hug every single one of them.

First stop, Nana’s flat – naturally. For any of you who haven’t heard me talk about Nana (rare person you are), I will clarify here that Nana is her name and not my grandmother. Her flat is like a second home to me, partly because it was my home at one point. I love her flat not just for the 64″ tv and the zebra-print chaise lounges but also because it is always simultaneously stocked with the best tea and the best champagne.

And then there are the rest of the girls – Keri, Becky, Bex, Li Ann, Kellie…(and Jess even though she’s in HK). Every time I so much as think of these girls (the most awesome netball team ever) I end up smiling – often giggling – to myself just remembering….stuff. I choose not to elaborate. Happy to say each of them got the requisite number of hugs from me. Most of them over a glass of wine. Or in the case of Keri…two bottles of wine.

Also got important hugs to old Chadwickians, Dagnanians and my cousin and his gorgeous wife. Took the mandatory photo of my cousin and I to send home to my actual Nanna. She will be pleased.

Seeing all these people always makes me smile and I remind myself of the near hysteria that I worked myself into at the thought that on leaving London for Sydney, I might never see some of them again. Laughable really. Because I have come to understand that I will always go back to London. For as long as I can, I will always be dropping in on my old friend.

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