The Barton Creek Outpost

There are few times in this blog where I’ve felt the need to mention our accommodation. Mostly because it’s been standard hostels – some good, some not so good, some quite rubbish – and really it’s just not that interesting. Who really wants to know about the New York YMCA? Or Godzillas in Moscos? But I do feel compelled to mention the Barton Creek Outpost.

Run by American ex-pats Jim and Jacquelyn and their three (probably four by now) children, this hostel is a destination all by itself. Set on the edges of Mountain Pine Ridge this hostel is not just close to nature, it is in nature. Seriously, I was watching hummingbirds go about their business over my morning coffee.

Plants and vines and orchards surround the main house and the bunk house, which are set on the edge of fresh-water creek. That creek is also the bathing facility, and while it is chilly there is something wonderful about bathing down there. You feel like you’re one of those luxury soap advertisements where the actors are bathing in some tropical lagoon.

Jim and Jacquelyn themselves are lovely to chat to over the communal evenings meals, and Jim has his own blog about his experiences in Belize which makes for interesting reading. It’s here if anyone is keen.

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